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A familial cookbook from Ellie Bouhadana to fill your heart and table during Rosh Hashanah and beyond. ‘The Belly Carries the Feet’ draws on the cheerful prospect that family, friends and food gives us all a reason to go on. In a year where things have felt heavy, we need our bellies to carry our feet. Full and round, bellies for the new year. Beautiful recipes Ellie has grown up eating with her family. Cook them at any occasion, let your kitchen fill up with the smell of honey and yeast, bahārāt, spicy fish, family and friends.

To ensure you recieve your copy before Rosh Hashanah 2022 please select and collect from us on Saturday 24th 3pm-5pm at Hope Street Radio.

The Belly Carries the Feet (1):
Rosh Hashanah recipes and recollections by Ellie Bouhadana

Publisher: Long Prawn
City: Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2021
Pages: 50 p.
Dimensions: 29.7 x 8.5cm
Cover: Paperback
Binding: Ring bind
Process: Offset printed
Color: Color

Price: $30 AUD

NB. Orders made from the 22nd Dec - 2nd of Jan will be posted on the 3rd of January :)

Friday May 27 2022